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Chris Kenniburg from Dearborn schools has shared a database activity template for Moodle 2.2 onwards which allows you to add comic book styled story pages in your Moodle course. You can download the database preset from this link at
This comic was shared at by Mary Cooch yesterday in the forums ; and it's too good not to pass along.  Enjoy the 1st entry to the Moodlenews "Funnies"; brought to you by Lewis Carr (@LewisCarr |
This is a great graphic/poster from Sukhwant Lota, one of the main Moodlers at Leeds City College in the UK. The comic is a quick over view of what students generally want from any web-based resources (perhaps...
Caught this on Twitter yesterday (thanks @wagjuer); it's a comic style tips sheet for Moodle.   Not as robust or in depth as the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers; but helpful (and fun) nonetheless.  I love the design and...