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A New Way To Record Lessons For Your Students: What Is Panopto

On this guide: Making sense of Panopto How it worksPanopto's business modelWhy use Panopto (or a competitor) Getting started with Panopto Is Panopto safe?Is...

Project CATAPULT: CMI5, A Gateway to xAPI? | Interoperability Pulse

Welcome to the Interoperability Hub: SCORM's last lets, xAPI's (very) slow march towards widespread adoption, and related issues in the building of a vision of an open interoperability system. Funded by the DoD.

What Is Kahoot, The Addictive Competitive Quiz App That’s Keeping Students —And Investors— Hooked To Their Screens

Updated on May 6. Kahoot has moved from Euronext Growth, Norway's small and medium-sized stock exchange, into proper Oslo Børs. After reaching an all-time high, the company's value remains above the 70 Billion NOK ($8 Billion USD), decidedly into Unicorn territory. First moves following the entry in the Børs included the acquisition of employee engagement and learning company Motimate and Single-Sign On EdTech platform Clever.


Experience MoodleMoot Philippines 2021 Online This April 26-30 — Get Rewarded For Thriving As A Moodle Educator #MootPH21

Coinciding with Nephila Web's first decade in business, the largest event about open source learning and technologies for Southeast Asia resumes, this time on...


Cohort Themes In Moodle, The Answer To Built-In Multitenancy?

It’s one of the longest-running requests for administrators of Moodle sites catering to several large bases of learners: How can you keep one Moodle...
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