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MoodleNews strives to stay abreast of the major developments of Moodle, and when applicable to get involved directly through opportunities like the Moodle Users Association.

We are very excited that our founder, Joseph Thibault, was selected as a general committee member. We’re also very pleased that through support of our MoodleNews consortium members we have been able to join at the silver membership level; providing $2,500 AUD to the development of Moodle Core features for 3.1 and beyond.

The consortium was created to maximize both our financial support for the MUA and voting rights within it. The 2016 consortium is comprised of:

Joseph Thibault – Founder of MoodleNews, Director of Academics at StraighterLine, MUA General Committee Member

Stephen Ladek – Editor of MoodleNews, Founder and Principal at International Solutions Group

Anatoliy Kochnev – Founder and CEO of Intelliboard

Gareth J Barnard – Maintainer of Essential Theme, Grid Format, Collapsed Topics and other notable Moodle plugins

Tom Wilson – Founder of Tom Wilson Counseling Center and TeleHealth Center

Ravi Murugesan – Owner of Wide Learning

Collaboratively we work to refine project ideas and decide how our votes are cast.

Interested in joining us in the future? Email [email protected]