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The eLearning Podcast

The eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek is your go-to resource for creating successful learner outcomes. Whether you’re an instructor, an eLearner, a parent supporting an eLearner, a content creator or just an eLearning enthusiast, our episodes provide the latest strategies, practices and technologies for supporting, engaging and retaining students… both on and off line!

Robert Paddock

Is This The future Of International Schools In The Hybrid Learning World? Robert Paddock,...

My guest for today is Robert Paddock, a EdTech and eLearning entrepreneur from South Africa. While many people are familiar with his first venture...

Transform into a Digital Content Creator — Jan Zucker, Digital Content Creators, at The...

​​Jan Zucker is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Content Creators, a company that’s part agency, part publisher and part coaching service. For ten years now, Digital Content Creators has helped launched countless successful courses, always staying ahead of the trends and technologies.

The Most Influential Open EdTech Foundation You Never Knew About — Ian Dolphin &...

Today I am glad to introduce to you what is perhaps the largest open source elearning organization you’ve never heard about. I’m talking about Apereo, a global network of open source advocacy in education. Unlike other approaches to open source, Apereo is here not just to share their open source tools, but to help in your open source development and sustainability journey.

The NO EXCUSES Lady is here so you create your course and write a...

My very special guest this week is a celebrity on her own right. Esther Jacobs started as a journalist, and in her storied career has raised millions for charity, appeared in European Survivor, traveled to more than 100 countries and been Knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands.

Tutorials That Help Teachers Because They Curated Them with Aldo de Pape, Teach Pitch

My guest today is Aldo De Pape, creator of Teach Pitch, a portal that seeks to address the problem of information overabundance.

Plagiarism, the epidemic we don’t talk about enough with Alon Yamin, Copyleaks

My guest for today is Alon Yamin, founder of Copyleaks. What started as a general purpose solution for plagiarism detection suddenly found a serious niche in the education space. Today, with integrations available for all the major LMSs out there, Copyleaks is a staple among educational users, but increasingly expanding into corporate, government and other surprising groups looking to make the most of its detection algorithms.

How Remote Learner and Learning Pool Approach Designing The Learner Experience | Special Episode...

I’m excited to have Dr. Paige Chen on the show with me again today. Paige is the CEO of Remote Learner, which is now a Learning Pool company, who’s foundation in persuasive design has help clients create engaging experiences around the globe.

The eLearning Podcast — Dan Farrant, Hello Music Theory

Today we are switching gears, with an amazing elearning entrepreneurial story for you. Within 5 years, Hello Music Theory went from Dan Farrant’s hobby of gathering cool free resources for musical education, into a top-ranked choice for educators and aspiring musicians.
Juraj Gabrhel, Elena Urbanova, Matus Kothaj Cover Art

The eLearning Podcast | — Juraj Gabrhel, Elena Urbanova, Matus Kothaj

Today we got a handful, in the best sense of the word. My three guests, Juraj Gabrhel, Elena Urbanova and Matus Kothaj, are with e-learnmedia.SK, an elearning company based in Slovakia and Serbia, catering to the Eastern European world.

The eLearning Podcast — Michael Greenberg, Call for Content

My guest today is on a mission: To change the way you create elearning content into an “audio-first” e learning strategy. Michael Greenberg believes...