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The eLearning Podcast

The eLearning Podcast

The eLearning Podcast is your go-to resource for creating successful learner outcomes. Whether you’re an instructor, an eLearner, a parent supporting an eLearner, a content creator or just an eLearning enthusiast, our episodes provide the latest strategies, practices and technologies for supporting, engaging and retaining students… both on and off line!

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №6 — Eric Gibbs, Ouriginal

When we recorded this interview in early September 2020, Ouriginal (with an “O-U”) is only a few hours old. Ouriginal is the result of a merger of two text-matching and plagiarism prevention companies: Urkund, from Sweden, and PlagScan, from Germany.

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №5 — Brittany Smith On EdTech And Serious Topics With...

My guest for the fifth episode of the eLearning Podcast is Brittany Smith. Brittany is a Preschool teacher in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who blogs at

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №4 — Dean Saunders, eCreators My guest for our 4th episode is Dean Saunders. Dean is an Australian EdTech pioneer...

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №3 — Michelle Moore, My Learning Consultants My guest for our third episode is Michelle Moore, online learning consultant, doctoral student, and...

The eLearning Podcast, Episode №2 — Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education

My guest for our 2nd episode is Brian Carlson, who is the CEO of eThink Education. Brian co-founded eThink more than twelve years ago and today oversees the entire operation. Brian’s been in edtech for decades and is an active advisor on eLearning initiatives through roles such as his seat on the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board.

INTRODUCING: The eLearning Podcast! Episode №1 — Dr. Britt Andreatta

Britt is is the CEO of 7th Mind and an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science–based solutions for today’s challenges...