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Mr. Moodle: How Can I Make The Most Of XML In Moodle Quizzes?

Updated on July 25th, 2019 Dear Mr. Moodle! I heard that I can write questions for Moodle Quizzes much faster using XML code. Is that true?...
Help Mr. Moodle Come Back To Life! What Can’t H5P And Moodle Do Together?

Help Mr. Moodle Come Back To Life! What Can’t H5P And Moodle Do Together?

Mr. Moodle is back! Or rather, he never left. The problem is that life begins to fade away from our sage when questions cease...
Mr. Moodle: Does Anyone Else Massive Gradebook Export?

Mr. Moodle: Does Anyone Else Do Multiple Gradebook Export?

“Hi Mr. Moodle. How can I get (download) the exported gradebooks of all the courses of a specific category? (As xlsx or csv) without...
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Mr. Moodle, Why Won’t Moodle Bring Cool New Stuff Faster!?

This question to Mr. Moodle flew in all the way from Brazil : “Why moodle is too slow to implement new cool things? Do you...
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Namaste, Mr. Moodle: How Can I Track And Get Reports Of Student Logins?

The first query received by Mr. Moodle via Twitter came from @monkrob: Ask Mr. Moodle anything on Twitter by tweeting @moodlenews, or through this ancient form. Dear...
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Mr. Moodle, How Can I Migrate Quiz Scores To PowerSchool?

View previous “Ask Mr. Moodle” responses here. Dear Mr. Moodle, Is there any way to integrate with PowerSchool, so test scores could migrate to PowerSchool? Also,...
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Mr. Moodle: Can I Create Standalone, SCORM-Based Simulations In Moodle?

Dear Mr. Moodle, The Moodle lesson feature offers some capability to provide a simulation, but it is limited. Making the assumption that I need to...
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Mr. Moodle: Can I Prevent Teachers From Viewing Or Editing Their Own Gradebook?

Dear Mr Moodle, I'm an admin for our Moodle 3.2 site. I have been asked to restrict gradebook settings access to teachers but don't know...
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Mr. Moodle, How Can I Add Superscripts And Subscripts In Moodle Text Editing?

A telegram Mr. Moodle recently received read: Dear Mr. Moodle. How can I add subscripts and superscripts in Moodle? Thank you. Kate. Dear Kate, There are several...
Ask Mr. Moodle!

MoodleNews’ Mr. Moodle Is Back! Ask (About All Things Moodle) And You Shall Receive

In the early days of MoodleNews, founder Joe Thibault looked the other way while a mysterious savant in all things Moodle took over. He...