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Do you use Moodle™ to teach students or train employees and spend hours building courses that don’t hook your learners? Check out iSpring Suite Max, a great solution for creating amazing SCORM content that’s fully compatible with your LMS. Create engaging online courses, quizzes, role-plays, interactions, and video tutorials. All this with no design or coding skills, right in your PowerPoint.

iSpring Suite Max allows you to set up progress and completion parameters that are applied when you upload the course to Moodle™. For example, you can choose the kind of report status that will be shown in your LMS after the course has been completed, select the number of slides that must be viewed in order to finish a course, or specify the minimum number of points a learner should score to pass a course. You can also define the time allotted to study the material and set an action that should happen if time runs out: Like terminate the lesson and display a message.

All iSpring content is displayed, controlled, and tracked in Moodle flawlessly. Just upload it to the platform with a couple of clicks and track how your learners are progressing. the iSpring SCORM Interactions report may give a clear picture of your students’ responses to questions along with the correct answers.

To learn more about the iSpring authoring toolkit and see the software in action, contact WIDE Services, an iSpring certified partner and Premium Moodle Partner for Greece and Cyprus. You can also contact the company to get an iSpring Suite Max license, buy a subscription for Moodle and Moodle Workplace LMS, or request customized SCORM course development.

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