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My guest for today is Marianna Goral, digital learning specialist and consultant recognized for the development of a variety of eLearning products. In 2016 Marianna was awarded best British educational research and scholarly work in education by the British Educational Research Association Committee.

In this interview, Marianna shared with me her deep and broad experience throughout the lifecycle of eLearning, under the lens of “Exploratory Practice,” an educational movement from the 90s which, for her, it’s more relevant than ever today.

In this very encompassing conversation we talk about:

🇺🇸 What “Exploratory Practice” is, where it belongs in the broader “Action Research” framework, and why it can be so useful for the way we deliver and plan our learning today

👨‍💼 We also talk about the role of the “Educational Manager” and the art of blending organizational prerogatives with sound pedagogy and high quality lessons for learners

🏥 We also touch on issues of mental health and burnout among educators, with Marianna’s own story and the importance of persevering through your journey of self discovery

📔 Finally, we discuss how you can help your learners while creating reliable evidence and how Marianna makes “Quality of Life” a priority for everyone in the classroom

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