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In a month it is the open education week, Open Education Global is the entity that is organizing and holding the event that will take place from March 1 to 7. Teachers, students, writers, anyone is invited to participate and contribute to this event.
Visit the OE Week page for more information.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia! This 2021 Brought With it the 20th Anniversary of Wikipedia

Over 20 years, Wikipedia has become the largest collection of open knowledge in history. How did it happen? Thanks to people like you, who share their knowledge with others, writing, writing and publishing articles of interest to children, youth and adults.

Top 10 U.S. Universities Have Available A Collection Created by MSU Libraries

The libraries of MSU (Michigan State University) will soon have their content available to students and professors from the top 10 major universities in the United States. These 10 universities will share content so that more people can access knowledge without any impediment.

Two of the important parts of this initiative are the Affordable Textbook Program, which makes it easy for students to read expensive books for free and without buying them; and the Open Educational Resources (OER) program that offers financial stimuli to teachers or instructors. to edit, create or adjust OER course materials.

This represents yet another sign that OER has reached the mainstream. It remains to be seen how academic publishers react against the growing —and glowing— reception of these resources.

UCF Professors-led initiative gives students free access to course materials, saves them $750 grand

With a savings of more than $750,000 for the fall semester of 2020, professors at the University of Central Florida facilitated learning and access to knowledge through the use of REA educational resources, according to news by the university student paper, UCF Today.

This initiative was made jointly by two UCF departments, the Physics Department and the Distributed Learning Center. The initiative saw quick growth in the OER adoption between 2019 and 2020. An estimated 9% of the total student body enrolled in OER-friendly courses in the Fall 2020 semester, up from 5% in the same period the previous year.

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