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My guest for today is John Fallia, Founder and CEO of Pearl, a full service platform for tutoring companies and institutions.

In this very instructional conversation we talk about:

📞 The evolution from John’s first tutoring venture, called Trilogy Mentors, to the full service platform of Pearl and how this pivot was driven by the need to simplify all of the different technology pieces used in a typical tutoring experience.

🏤 The realization of just how fragmented the tutoring sector is through the experience of building the Pearl platform for themselves (and then having others ask to licence it!)

📠 John’s vision for Pearl to become more than a tutoring technology platform, and how there is incredible opportunity to aggregate resources and create trusted standards.

2️⃣ Two challenges faced by tutoring companies today which include differentiation and accessing the vast amount of funds available from governments and other outlets.

🏛 Why “culturally relevant” instruction is important for making a deeper impact with students, and the pros and cons between local vs global tutoring companies.

🚦 Pricing variability in tutoring and all of the factors that drive these variations.

🙉 The parenting approach to tutoring and whether or not we’re asking too much or too little of our kids.

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