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My guest for today is Alon Yamin, founder of Copyleaks. What started as a general purpose solution for plagiarism detection suddenly found a serious niche in the education space. Today, with integrations available for all the major LMSs out there, Copyleaks is a staple among educational users, but increasingly expanding into corporate, government and other surprising groups looking to make the most of its detection algorithms.

In this provocative conversation Alon and I talk about:

  • Why plagiarism is, in a way, an epidemic, and just how widespread a phenomenon it is… or it isn’t
  • The role of AI as a way not just to help teachers identify instances of plagiarism, but to raise awareness of social issues of authenticity
  • Why being in both the AI and plagiarism industry means to be always “on your toes” and keeping up with the threats, external and internal
  • Why “algos” are only going to get smarter, but so are people, and thus why it makes more sense to think about ways in which algorithms help rather than just surveil students
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