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The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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Have you ever wondered if the way you reward your students works? Do they actually display these rewards in public? Does it actually show evidence for their skills? And is the idea of earning a reward be a strong enough motivator for your student?

If you’ve ever wondered how to use badges and make the most of them in your elearning, you’re in the right place. My guest today is Mike Weiss, Founder and Director of the Client Engagement Academy. His approach, involving social media, is sure to spark some ideas for your next badge-worthy classroom activity.

In this very rewarding conversation we talk about:

  • What is the Client Engagement Academy, their ambitious proposition, and some of the ingredients in their secret recipe to success for coaching business built by instructors
  • Why Mike is bullish on LinkedIn, and some of the specific strategies suited for the professional network. Hint: Open source is key here
  • Why badges work, why they have worked since prehistoric times, and why they remain a core element of some of our society’s longest standing institutions.
  • The ingredients of the perfect badge. In short: Evidence, Motivation and ‘Shareability’
  • Why Mike thinks badges will be critical in the future of microlearning, among other things because they will extend the results of your initial investment down the line.
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