The Best Free Themes For Your Moodle-Based Learning Environment

The Top Moodle Themes

Updated in September, 2021.

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№ 9-11 ‘Boost Training’, ‘Boost Learning’ & ‘Boost Magnific’ (Material Moodle) by Eduardo Kraus

theme_boost_magnific 💗 theme_boost_learning 💗 theme_boost_training

As it becomes clear time and again, either of these themes gives you a modern and sleek experience, and Brazilian Eduardo Kraus “Material Moodle” family is no exception. In fact, his three entries are a great example of the form and function parity apparent throughout this list. Pick the one that will best harmonize with your heart’s chanting and you’ll be set.

№ 8 Eguru by LMSACE


The self-proclaimed “Guru of Moodle” is a confident and versatile take on visual identity. Made in Tamilnadu, it is design with internationalization in mind. A long-time favorite easy to set up at schools and small organizations.

Check out a demo of Eguru

№ 7 Academi by LMSACE


Put together, LMSACE‘s family of themes dominate the charts of favorite Moodle themes. It makes perfect sense. Not only they are clean themes with high-impact identity, the team tries its best to make them literally up to code. Not to mention the serviceability of their customer support (for paying clients.)

Check out a demo of Academi

№ 6 Adaptable by Jez H, Manoj Solanki and Fernando Acedo


There’s very little to add to a theme that does more than justice to its name, and it’s proven dependable more than any other. It’s the only theme that’s broken the 40-thousand annual downloads mark. And the 50-thousand. And the 60-thousand, and will possibly break the 70-thousand download mark soon.

№ 5 Trema by Rodrigo Furtado and Rodrigo Mady


There is no better representation of the Moodle Brasil community‘s efforts to bring the LMS to the next level than with the several themes on this list. And there is no better representation of the forward thinking approach to Brasilian design than with this theme and its breathtaking background, which is in fact fueled by moving particle simulator particle.js.

Contemplate it (and demo it) at

№ 4 Foundation by Gareth Barnard


Just like Isaac Asimov’s massive science fiction opus this theme’s name honors, this theme aims to set a long-running path of development based on cutting-edge, bordering on magical technology. Namely, Bootstrap 4. If you decide to jump on board on a mission to travel for years from earth to colonize a new planet, to settle into a whole new life that adheres to beloved traditions, this is the theme for you.

№ 3 Fordson by Chris Kenniburg and the Dearborn Schools District


A theme of theme by a Moodler’s Moodler, it’s a great team not just on the surface but the creative force that fuels it. Flexible (160+ layout combinations) without feeling overwhelmed, daring to switch expectations for the better (with “reimagined” Course Management Panel and Block Display Panel). Kenniburg himself is another great attribute of this theme, as you can easily reach him out across the social graph. For best results, pair it with Kenniburg’s Easy Enrollment plugin.

See it in action at

Check out Chris Kenniburg on YouTube

№ 2 Boost Campus by Kathrin Osswald and Alex Bias, Ulm University


By playing to its niche, this theme is able to please the needs and expectations from the impossible to please German Academia. So it’s the closest thing to what a Moodle theme would look like if it was written in LaTeX. No-nonsense templates, presets and “catch keyboard” commands make of Boost Campus one less thing to worry about.

№ 1 Moove by William Mano Araujo,


Simple, modern and focused. The formula that has worked well for a theme that continues to rack up fans all over the world. It is also a lesson in Open Source entrepreneurship, as it’s perhaps the one successful example of sustainable donationware in Moodle. It strives to takes advantage of Moodle’s latest features while keeping it all visually consistent, and adding a few dashboard elements.

Moove and Mano deserve another recognition for a dutiful work in theme accessibility. Not only the theme was influenced by experiences of working with blind people, the accessibility team at the Federal University of São Paulo deemed it the most accessible Moodle theme of the set. Among other themes, it provides the OpenDyslexic font from scratch.

See it on the Moove

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