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My guest today is Hithakshi Kotyan, Senior Learning & Development Specialist for Priceline. 

If you were or are a part of the travel industry —one of the hardest hit sectors during the global lockdowns— you faced some very serious issues over the past 24 months.

Priceline is a very well known brand in the travel sector. It’s one of the companies under Booking Holdings, who also own brands like Booking.com, Kayak and Agoda.

One thing you’d assume a company like Priceline would reduce (or likely eliminate) in the COVID meltdown would be learning. And yet, as you’ll hear from Hithakshi, it was easy to see how a huge player like this looked for the opportunity in the chaos.

In this “paradise destination” of a conversation Hithakshi and I talk about:

⏭ Reactive change, or how exceptional times have the benefit of making something important, truly urgent. In this context, that meant focusing on nextgen learning experiences.

🚮 Why, in the middle of the “Great Resignation,” Priceline decided to expand its workforce as well as its Learning & Development initiatives

🖌 The not really surprising links between creativity, learning and leisure with on the-job training and satisfaction

➖ Why at Priceline, eLearning in 2022 means more networking and microlearning, and less zoom meetings

💬 We also talk about empowerment and diversity, aligning eLearning with core strategy, communities of practice at Priceline and… would you enroll your employees at an online course run by MENSA?


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