Are you also among those “Moodlers” who wants to learn the process of Moodle development? Do you also want to learn about writing Moodle plugins from start to finish? Then, get ready for learning Moodle development through a crisp and short tutorial by Moodle experts.

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Moodle community experts have collaborated with each other in past few months to create a nice and crisp tutorial for getting started with the Moodle development. It is meant for beginner Moodle developers who are conversant with PHP programming and navigates through most important developer docs along the way.

But in all fairness, it is only the surface of the deep volume of resources available for aspiring (and evolving) Moodle developers out there.

The official Want to learn Moodle Development? Check out this new Tutorial prepared by Moodle experts #MoodledevMoodle Development Tutorial

You can check out the tutorial in the Moodle Docs page, at

Check out the release notes of the latest Moodle version to make sure your development environment complies with all the requirements.

An be sure to follow the tutorial creator’s GitHub for extra credit.

The tutorials is divided in 3 parts:

  • Background Setting Up
  • Let’s make a plugin
  • Publishing your plugin

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