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The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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For the veterans of the Moodle Learning Management System, my guest today may need no introduction. Kim Salinas, a Solutions Architect at Elearning Experts, is perhaps the most recognizable Moodle teacher out there. First with the Moodle Course Creators Certificate and now with the more comprehensive MEC, for years, Kim has been at the forefront of the efforts to make Moodle both more understandable and instrumental to learner success.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • The Moodle Educator Certificate or MEC, which contrary to what the name may imply, does not teach you how to use Moodle, but how to take your digital education to the next level—through the use of Moodle.
  • Digital Education Competencies, and why teachers everywhere should consider them essentials in our New Normal of learning
  • How the MEC is a milestone in the way Moodle and its Partners approach education, and the ways the MEC itself is in continuous evolution
  • Why the MEC is not for everyone, but how partners like Kim and Elearning Experts are excellent guides into the marvelous world of Moodle
And if you want to understand how the MEC fits into the larger Moodle ecosystem, check out the talk by Moodle Founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas at the eLearning Success Summit.
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