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If you’ve ever considered “taking the plunge” and launching your own online course, this is the conversation you’ve been waiting for.

My guest for today’s episode is Jane Sagalovich. After a decade in corporate finance, business development and strategy, Jane herself decided to launch Scale Your Genius, a Denver-based startup that helps experts in the launch of “impactful and profitable online programs.” 

No matter your field or background, if you have something to teach to the world you might want to call Jane, or at least check out Scale Your Genius on social media.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Jane and I talk about:

  • Scale Your Genius, Jane’s virtual consultancy with a mission of “rid the world of crappy online courses.”
  • Why long before the pandemic Jane had found key educational reasons why online meetings were superior to face-to-face interaction. In one word: Evidence.
  • The eLearning opportunity for experts, that is professionals with track record, knowledge and wisdom; thanks to the explosion of technologies and support services.
  • Jane’s process of collaboration with experts to create online courses, which includes a reality check on what people want, what content they respond better to, and of course, how much they are willing to pay. Spoiler alert: You might be undercutting yourself.
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