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I have a very special treat for you today. My guest for this episode is Assina Kahamba. She’s a civil engineer with a computer science background, who decided to take care of the digital technology operations at the school where she works, Lycée Liziba. I’ll leave the introduction like that to avoid any spoilers.

Where in the world is Assina Kahamba?
Well, she sneaks around the world from Zoom to WhatsApp


Assina represents a very large part of the world’s schools that, honestly, we don’t take into account as often as we should. Schools such as Lycée Liziba represent some of the biggest opportunities for elearning organizations, NGOs, and governments to create truly sustainable elearning ecosystems of the future.

I promise this is a fantastic and thought-provoking conversation where Assina and I talk about:

  • The importance of addressing the digital needs of learners early on, as they improve the odds of elearning success later in life
  • The particular struggles low-income schools face around the world because of the global pandemic, as well as the resourceful solutions they’ve come up with. For example, would you be able to make WhatsApp the backbone of your school’s distance learning?
  • A glimpse at some of the custom ideas happening in hard to reach parts of the world, and the tech and startups gaining traction by understanding the realities in the field
  • Ideas about sustainable “paths forward” for schools and teachers facing limited access towards fully fledged elearning solutions; and the role of evidence to convince students, families and communities that these are worthwhile investments

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