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My guest for today’s episode is Cindy Pascale. She’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Vado, a content provider focused on video streaming for HR and Talent Management departments.

Cindy has seen it all in L&D departments over the last 20 years and she’s helped translate that experience into the content Vado provides to its customer base via interactive video.

Now, with the COVID crisis changing how we work, she’s offering clear advice about how to prepare and pivot in the corporate space.

I know all eLearning professionals will find this conversation fascinating as we talk about:

  • The state of HR training and how topics like leadership development, sexual harassment and compliance are taught online today
  • A recent paper written by Cindy, titled, “L&D’s New Normal, Prepare Now!” with Cindy’s thoughts on what today’s HR calling is, and an outlook for the future
  • Why it’s important to learn a little bit of history about eLearning in the workplace, to understand old assumptions that deserve critical examination
  • And finally, Vado’s evidence — with hard numbers — on the benefits of online learning in areas like engagement and retention


Download L&D’s New Normal: Prepare Now! by Cindy Pascale

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