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My guest for our 4th episode is Dean Saunders. Dean is an Australian EdTech pioneer with global exposure across some of the worlds largest organisations. Dean leads the team at eCreators to create bespoke learning environments and content truly tailored towards organisational success. eCreators are the minds behind the Learnbook LMS, and the newly created Learnbook LXP which is charged with transforming the way people learn at work.

In today’s episode, Dean and I talk about:

  • What’s changed in Australia related to COVID-19 (what he calls “the Great Disruptor“) to get business started again
  • The different roles people have taken in response to the crisis and whether organizations were truly “caught off guard” or just “unprepared” in terms of using online systems for education and training
  • Why the LMS has become a “Mission Critical” system for organizations
  • What innovations are happening because of the global shake up
  • The opportunity around addressing what Dean calls “the Loneliness Epidemic” and how eCreators is both creating tech to address this, but also dealing with it internally
  • Why its critical to wrap education in a social environment
  • How to “unlock” the information already in your organization and use that to your advantage

Finally, Dean makes the case for strengthening the connection between education and work.


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