Grading In Moodle Is A Costly Affair. Here’s How To Change That

Grading in Moodle

By the Edwiser Team.


It is no news that grading and assessment are crucial elements in a complete student learning process.

Grading helps teachers to evaluate and assess how well their students have been able to understand the concepts taught to them. Further, it also helps teachers identify the future path their training should take, depending on the performance of students.

Doing this with complete focus only helps mold a student’s career in the best shape, and that’s what any teacher would vouch for, wouldn’t they?

And for teachers to do this to the best of their capacity, there are two things they generally look for. A grading system that let you grade quickly, while at the same time helping you cut down on grading expenses if any.

However, grading in Moodle lacks the necessary ease of grading and cost-saving scope. Wonder Why?

Let’s take a look at…

What’s wrong with Grading in Moodle

#1 Poor User Interface

The grading interface in Moodle lags behind in terms of user convenience.

The absence of a user-friendly interface only means people spend too much time grading in Moodle.

The reason being that even before teachers can start grading their students, they have to first understand how the grading process works.

#2 Complex Grading Process

It isn’t really a smooth experience grading in Moodle.

Teachers need to be trained on how to use the grading interface in Moodle. This same process has to be repeated for every new teacher being hired. All of this only adds to the learning curve, consuming a lot more time.

#3 Grading Takes Up Too Much Time

Even for a simple task, a teacher needs to do multiple clicks to achieve results.

This only means that teachers have to invest a lot more time to complete the grading process. If only the grading interface was a lot more minimalistic and effective, teachers could have saved a lot of clicks and time!

Now if you look carefully, all of the above problems lead to one common inference…

Grading in Moodle Costs You Time

Teachers end up spending too much time grading on Moodle. And the reason isn’t that difficult to understand either.

Even before the grading process begins, a lot of time gets wasted. Moodle’s poor user interface to blame. And why not!

Teachers have to spend time understanding the grading process before they can proceed with grading their students.

All of this only adds up more hours to the hours a teacher spends grading in Moodle.

To better understand how much time gets wasted while grading in Moodle, let’s consider a simple scenario, where each batch has 50 students per teacher.

On average, a teacher spends 3 hours grading a single quiz on Moodle. Again, this figure could vary depending on the scenario. In an ideal e-Learning setup, a teacher grades three quizzes every month. Now, a teacher might have 4 such batches, to grade their performance.

Staggering, isn’t it?

What is even more alarming is how such a huge number of hours are directly related to your expenses on grading in Moodle.

Time Lost is Money Lost


And that’s a very valid question. After all, are time and money even related?

Well, they are.

To understand ‘how’, let’s consider the same example that we used above. That of the ‘Staggering’ amount of 36 hours that teachers spend grading in Moodle.

In most of these cases, schools, universities and corporations usually opt for a workaround. In this workaround, additional teachers are hired with focused responsibility of grading these quizzes.

While doing so, what these stakeholders fail to realize is the huge expense that they have to incur.

Going by the current average of $50/hour and rising, you might just end up blowing a lot of money, which could very well be avoided. If you check the amount you have to spend for 36 hours of grading, it mounts up to a whopping figure of $1800!!

Now if you’re someone who can afford these expenses, there’s nothing to fret about.

But what if you can not? And even if you can, who would reject a solution that could possibly save as much as 50% of your grading expenses?

Save Time and Money with Edwiser RapidGrader

Edwiser RapidGrader is grading solution for your Moodle, completely changes the way you grade in Moodle.

A minimalistic interface solves the problem of too many clicks and tabs while grading in Moodle. With Edwiser RapidGrader, you can now grade faster and better, saving time you can now invest in important course-related activities.

Further, by saving time, Edwiser RapidGrader helps rationalize your expenses pertaining to teachers dedicated to grading.

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