Due for a radical dose of love an attention, Moodle HQ’s David Mudrák shares key new changes in the official plugin directory. He begins by acknowledging some of the new features “were lurking on the to-do list for a while.”

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Internationalization is a more prominent component, with a new “Translations” tab next to the existing ones (Description, Versions, and Stats). The tab will now display the languages in which the plugin is at least partially available, along with a bar chart with the progress towards full translation.

Registration of the plugin strings in AMOS

Another improvement involving translation is a more capable AMOS. The Moodle string manager now supports “asynchronous registration.” This allows for a plugin update to become available without having to wait for the translation check. This separates the plugin review and identification of any upcoming issues, from the translation.

Not yet approved plugins

Plugins pending review can be seen in a brand new “Not yet approved plugins” page. This helps ease anxieties related to upcoming reviews made by Moodle, and provide a little bit more accountability. Mudrák notes that this functionality was already available to some extent on both the Moodle Tracker and each plugin’s GitHub; except maybe not centralized unlike now.

Previous versions drop-down

Finally, the previous versions of a plugin, available on the “Versions” tab of the directory entry, will collapse all previous versions of the plugin in a drop-down menu. This is a solution to a complain frequently raised, where plugins with a tenured history had long and confusing Version pages. Now when users open the tab, the only prominent “Download” button they will see will be for the current version, unless they choose an earlier one from the drop-down.

Read “New features in the Plugins directory” by Mudrák at the Moodle Forum.

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