Why Moodle? It Never Hurts To Check

If there is one thing world-class learning platforms are pretty much obligated to offer, it is the ability to test them for their many value propositions as soon and often as users and customers desire. Courtesy of Moodle Partner HowToMoodle, we list the attributes that made us choose Moodle in the first place, and how anyone, from a potential user to a lifelong veteran, can validate them today.

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Moodle is free. Let’s get the easy one out of the way. Head to download.moodle.org to get the latest version and set it up in your computer or server in just a few hours.

Moodle is personalizable. Features like activity completion not only make sure students show accomplishments, they can turn Moodle into rich environments students can explore at their will. Furthermore, Competencies and CBE capabilities make sure students have freedom when it’s time to account for progress in their unique learning goals.

Moodle delivers at any scale of corporate or academic use. While Moodle’s market share is bigger on small installations, it was designed in such a way that each element can be customized according to the needs of the organization. Moodle supports multi-core processing, “load balancing,” and redundancies to prevent data loss and downtime.

Moodle never locks your data in. Users, Gradebooks, Question banks, courses, and everything else up to full site backups are available upon request on any Moodle site. Even Moodle Partners make the point of giving customers complete freedom to migrate.

Moodle is about collaboration. Students can work on teams or have group debates. Teachers can co-create courses and materials. Developers can exchange and build upon previous plugins and themes. Learning is global, by which Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, means (and emphasizes) it is a global effort.

Read more on “An Introductory Guide to ‘What is Moodle,'” at info.howtomoodle.com (PDF).

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