The first in a recently published batch of videos from the first Moodle event in the largest higher ed market on earth features Martin Dougiamas, creator of the LMS and CEO of Moodle HQ. It touches on the usual subjects he covered throughout the year in other Moots, but with a little local spice.

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As usual, the mission is to “empower educators.” But there is something else in this video, a hint of ambition:

“To empower educators to improve our world (…) We’re trying to build the most effective platform for learning.”

Dougiamas is an advocate of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. “In my opinion, almost every major presentation or keynote should refer to this list.” He’s particularly concerned with the environmental goals, given that his stay on Mumbai coincided with concerns over record pollution levels in the major Indian cities. “We’re not really looking after our planet very well.” It is not difficult to shift from global concerns into those affecting smaller groups, such as the stated 65 million refugees, (“people without a country,” Dougiamas would say) or those afraid of the control and information owned by a group of technology companies over another large number of people. Not before touching on automation and job obsolescence, healthcare quality, he reinstates Moodle as a tool educators and global leaders can take advantage of to affect real change and demonstrate they care.

For Dougiamas, the Mumbai address is but another outlet to reinstate the role of education, transverse all the issues, but full of issues at its core. It would seem that at the heart of his round of interventions, he proposes Moodle as the tool to “solve education” and by so doing, making much more steady and concerted progress towards the rest of the Goals.

Watch the full video here.

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