H5P is fast becoming the most preferred choice of educators around the world to create interactive content. It’s open source nature, ease of sharing and reusing are the main reasons for its popularity. H5P is also very much popular among Moodle teachers. The H5P Moodle plugin is among the top 3 most downloaded Moodle activities plugins.
H5P is now used by more than 26,000 sites all around the globe with addition of 1000 new users every week. Recently, the H5P development team updated the H5P Moodle plugin. The new version of the H5P plugin is equipped with new features and improvements based on the Moodle community feedback.

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Major Changes in the new H5P Moodle plugin:

  1. Easy embed H5P activity in any Moodle area – Many Moodle users requested for the ability to embed H5P activities in different Moodle parts. Now, you can easily embed H5P activities by copying the embed code and pasting it in the HTML editor. You can add the H5P activities on course front page or any page with HTML editor. Here is a quick screen cast to show how it’s done:
  2. Set Passing grades for H5P activities in Moodle – Another highly sought after feature by Moodle users. Now, you can specify the grades to mark any H5P activity as complete. While setting an H5P activity, you will see an extra field to specify the grade to pass along with Maximum grades for the activity.
    Image Source – https://h5p.org/dec-2017-release-note
  3. Easier admin support for content Hub – The content hub feature of H5P is important part of H5P ecosystem. But since its introduction few admins faced difficulties with the content hub. In the new updated plugin, the H5P core team has made the following changes:
    • The users won’t see restricted content types if he can’t use them
    • Users won’t see not installed content types if he can’t install them 
    • The users won’t see update buttons if he is not allowed to update content types.
  4. Many bug fixes – The new version is updated with fixed bugs.

You can download the latest version of the H5P Moodle plugin through this link.
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What’s in the H5P store for 2018?

H5P team is planning to have some major improvements to H5P platform. Major improvements coming in 2018 are:

  • In-place editing – Make simple changes without going into the editor
  • Server-side evaluation of answers – H5P will be possible to use on exams
  • Responsive editing – No more pop-ups inside pop-ups in the Course Presentation and Interactive Video editors.
  • Branching Scenarios content type
  • Repository for H5P content integrated in every H5P authoring tool, an extension of the current content type hub

For more information about the H5P project check out the official website – https://h5p.org/

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