In the closing of July’s expert webinar series, Paradiso Solutions covered the always relevant question of “Pathways” or “Paths” in learning. They refer to two separate things, though an organization may address them separately or as interrelated parts of the same strategy. Organizations with a developed vision of strategic alignment see the learning paths of their learners as a natural extension of their core learning path. Educational companies like Paradiso Solutions can offer critical advice regarding organizational learning paths and technological choice.

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When an instructor develops a training program for an organization, making sure students complete one or a series of courses, involving different activities, is only a basic requirement. Connecting their achievements to real-world competencies that are part of a carefully made Learning Plan is the way towards a Learning & Development strategy that resonates with the company’s objectives and end results.

During the webinar, the Paradiso team reiterated the importance of a company’s learning path, its alignment to the offer available to its learners, and practical considerations in the creation of meaningful sequences of requisites and prerequisites, as well as useful Moodle features to better manage learning paths, including cohorts, self-enrollment, dashboard customization, and notifications.

Watch a recording of the webinar and the Q&A session that followed in the video above or by clicking here.

Paradiso’s custom LMS has a Moodle foundation, with further development that makes it friendlier for users, boasts multiple integrations, and features that make the learning process faster and better. Sign up and get a free trial for up to 10 users and enjoy the Paradiso LMS experience.

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