The Eastern European Moodle Lunge Continues: 2018 MoodleMoots In Ukraine, Western Balkans, Croatia Confirmed
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While they might be on the smaller side size-wise, the Moodle communities in Eastern Europe continue to show their strength, loyalty, and openness to the power of Moodle. Here’s the scoop on the upcoming Moots in this fascinating corner of the world:

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6th MoodleMoot Ukraine 2018, May 25-26 #MootUA18

Also known as the “International, Scientific and Practical Conference,” this academic-focused gathering will work on three areas: Implementation, especially for distance and network-supported learning; Moodle development with a focus on third-party integrations; and Organizational, pedagogical, and methodological problems where Moodle and LMS are involved.

The event is completely free of charge and will take place at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in the nation’s capital.

Visit and register for MoodleMoot Ukraine 2018 official site (in Ukrainian).


8th Western Balkans and First Macedonian MoodleMoot 2018, June 1-2 #MootWeB18

For the first time, the country will host the Western Balkan community in the breezy town of Bitola, with the Smilevski Business Academy as its venue. Regional experts will offer masterful guidance for instructors and administrators to improve on their practice in a program that will feature plenty of experience sharing and socializing. The program is spearheaded by Ralf Hilgenstock (via online call).

The “WeB Moot” is organized by the Moodle Network of Serbia, Croatia’s HR Open, and Moodle Macedonia, whose members will be able to attend the conference for free. Non-member rates are set €15 for online attendance, €25 for the Conference or the Workshops, or €40 for both.

Registration ends May 20. Visit the official Western Balkans Moodle Moot 2018 site (in Bosnian and Macedonian).


8th MoodleMoot Croatia 2018, June 5 #MootHR18

For those in the region who missed the “WeB Moot” or who want to party on, Zagreb invites them the Tuesday after for a day of discussions about information management, library science, and data-keeping practices. Just like in the neighboring countries hosting Moodle events, the open source LMS is the uncontested leader among schools, universities, and learning organizations. As they wager the possibility of joining the Union in the future, the discussion on data privacy practices may enjoy a higher priority.

Authors are welcome to apply to be presenters (deadline May 18.) Registration starts on May 24.

Visit the official MoodleMoot Croatia 2018 site (in Croatian).■

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