Southern Oregon And Calvin College Switch LMS… To Moodle!

As a result of their own internal quality reviews, which they deem ‘extensive,’ Southern Oregon University and Calvin College recently chose to switch to Moodle as their Learning Management System. The schools cite the amount and effectiveness of useful features, the “workflow fitness,” and, of course, the customization options for each unique user as leading reasons for the choice.

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On a webinar organized by Moodle Partner eThink Education and Inside Higher Ed, both institutions illustrate the several advantages Moodle offered, often exclusively, to cater to similar but fundamentally different educational approaches.

Calvin College prides itself on an always-relevant curricula that strives towards the balance between “personality and workplace preferences.” Its online-intensive “Calvin Lifework” program leverages Moodle to help students find their major. Moodle is also critical to bringing faculty on board. Along with Lifework training for teachers, Moodle is in fact a collaboration tool where meetings can be easily arranged. A unified calendar ensures that time tables take teaching loads into account.

A still Moodle-intensive, but more open-ended take on open tech-supported learning, is at play in Southern Oregon. Looking to position Moodle as an extension of their campus, courses and activities try to emphasize freedom, debate, and playfulness for students. Just like Calvin, SOU emphasizes Moodle expertise on the part of teachers through a design that encourages constant feedback and is aware of the high penetration of mobile devices on teachers as well as learners. Moodle Mobile is a jack of many trades at SOU.

Part of a successful implementation, representatives from each school admit, lies in the expertise of and reliance on a knowledgeable Moodle Partner. In this case, it was eThink, which recently announced a support partnership for the Student Management System Ellucian.

Watch an on-demand recording of the webinar here (Requires free sign-up). Download the webinar deck here.

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