Restore Courses From Remote Moodles With This Plugin

The ‘Restore courses from remote Moodles’ plugin makes it easy to move course content from one Moodle site to another in bulk. It was designed for cases when institutions perform complete site migration, as some periodically do. It can be a radical, but effective, measure for managing the performance and security of a Moodle site. The plugin can also serve as a dependable, automated backup service.

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The plugin can also carry over the site’s course categories so that they can be preserved in their new home.

‘Restore courses from remote Moodles’ is the work of Céline Perves at the University of Strasbourg. Since the plugin can be set to work through a scheduled task, it can handle both backups and restorations easily. To use it as a Moodle site porting tool, the IT team at Unistra transfers all course contents from the previous platform to the new one and “archives” them by setting everything as hidden. Teachers can then log on to the new platform and retrieve their content.

Notifications about the end of the process and its result (success or warnings) can also be enabled. To help admins move content between sites, the plugin must be installed in both the origin and destination sites. After installation, it requires the configuration of “webservices” capabilities to allow the plugin to set an outbound connection to another Moodle site. The steps are available in the plugin page.

The latest version of the plugin has ensured compatibility with Moodle 3.3 and 3.4, plus documentation has been augmented. Install or download your version from the Moodle Plugin database.

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