Open Educational Resources Versus Moodle: Everybody Wins

Last April, the open worlds of EdTech and Educational Resources (OER) met in the UK’s Association for Learning Technology-organized OER18 Conference. With a premise with educational connotations, as well as political, the two-day Bristol meet-up not only helped showcase advances and innovative practices in OER across academic levels, it also brought scrutiny to some of the promises of “openness,” such as inclusivity and social impact.

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Moodle made its mark throughout the event thanks to presenters, as well as OER18 sponsor Pgogy Webstuff, the actual name of a totally real company whose members describe themselves as “Pedagogic and Techological Outfitters” who count “Moodle Courses” and “Moodle Plugins” among their expertise. Regarding presenters, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine showcased their MOOC series and a highly customized Moodle with advanced tagging and a chatbot, all in the efforts to deliver top-quality OER resources for professionals and researchers in post-graduate education levels for free.

Moodle also played a role in the advocacy efforts of “The OER Awards in Germany,” which has recognized and provided funding to OER practitioners since 2016. In this case, the nomination, voting, and award process all took place in a custom-fit Moodle course.

Check out OER18’s program, featuring select video recording of the talks.

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