Moodlepreneur Monday: Give Your Customers A Top Assessment Experience
“MRC Assessment” by Ollie Harding is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You will be hard pressed to find an educator who got into the field because of their love for assessments. Still, assessments are nearly universal and, more often than not, they must conform to existing standards. But when your customers regularly face hurdles, questions, and even frustrations over the process, a proactive Moodlepreneur sees it as an opportunity knocking on the door.

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An enthusiastic frame of view­ for assessments

For a second, think about your favorite sport or game. Participants face each other in a competition whose rules have been agreed upon in advance. Individual performance does not reveal the world of complexities and depth of each student, nor should it. There is a single objective with assessments, and success or failure stays confined to the settings of the contest.

In many respects, these could be said of any assessment, no matter the subject. Helping learning organizations view assessments as games to be played, with potentially interesting rewards but ultimately minimal consequence outside of the subject, can help ease levels stress and anxiety in an organization from top to bottom.

Assessment as culture

As a “Senior Consulting Specialist,” Ruth Newberry helps Blackboard clients leverage LMS and integrated tools to help clients meet educational goals. In a blog post, she touts the benefits of meshing the practice of assessment as a component of a learning organization’s unique culture. Trying to make assessments an unquestionable part of life not only adds a collective element to the push for better performance (going far together) it also makes it easier to find support for ongoing or “continual improvement” initiatives.

Read “Four common assessment themes from across the globe” by Newbert at

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