The Moodleverse continues to unpack the many features new and supercharged in Moodle 3.5. From Moodle HQ, an Overview video (see above) and a feature playlist give both basic and in-depth looks at how it works. They will be further explored in the upcoming, 3.5-based MOOC starting next June. Finally, HQ CEO Martin Dougiamas took the time to introduce the new release

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The Overview video gives a quick peak to Moodle 3.5 main highlights, in order:

  • GDPR Compliance tools
  • Bootstrap 4 and visual enhancements
  • Enhanced Question bank management and tagging
  • Audio and video recording and embedding in Moodle’s Atto editor
  • Simple Global search
  • New Badge criteria
  • Cohort themes
  • Quiz and Choice improvements
  • Bulk enrolments edit
  • LTI extensions
  • Messaging

Dougiamas speaks

In his last “vanity” of discussing the release and accompanying the post with themed pictures from his kids related to the release, Dougiamas relates the recent development work to the big-picture issues he’s fond to introduce with in his keynotes. Regarding privacy, for starters, he reframes transparency within the problem of inequality, and how the social and technological push towards full openness will likely only apply to the small guys. He sees GDPR as a “mastermind genius” effort to give the control of data back to the citizens, which is a “terrific fabulous thing, really!”

P.D. Honoring “Moodler’s” vanity, check out the “Moodle Kids” gallery:

Read “Moodle 3.5 is released! GDPR is here!” by Dougiamas at■


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