Moodle Partner Profile: Enovation Puts Moodle's Name In The World's Top Fairs

Enovation is one of Ireland‘s open EdTech pioneers. Founded in 2000 in Dublin, it quickly built a “software solutions and project management” provisioning operation stemming from financial services that used Moodle as its core technology. In 2005, it became one of the first Moodle Partners.

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In Paris, from May 20-22, Enovation will showcase its experience and history of successful expansion at the eLearning Expo 2018. Enovation currently services customers in France and Poland, in addition to Ireland. In France, where Moodle is the leading LMS, Enovation works with universities and corporations, including Bridgestone and l’Université Lyon 3.

As is common among Moodle Partners, Enovation has developed an expertise for custom-built solutions. Thanks to the size of some of its customers, the company can deliver on large-scale, high performance Moodle installations.

Its top-level Moodle build will be the core of Enovation’s showcase at eLearning Expo. It will also take the opportunity to feature some of the latest Moodle improvements: The brand new Calendar, the power of Activity Completion, and Learning Analytics, just to name a few. The focus of their presence at the Elearning expo is Moodle’s openness, which gives companies of all sizes the opportunity to create highly specific solutions, at a fraction of the price of a proprietary LMS.

Visit Enovation’s Moodle panel at eLearning Expo 2018.

“Find out more about Moodle with our Moodle Partner, Enovation, at eLearning expo” at

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