Mission Report: A Moodle Language Teaching Assignment In St. Petersburg
“St. Petersburg” by frankpitsch is licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0

Mary Cooch, Moodle HQ’s Community Educator and the face of the semiannual “Learn Moodle” MOOC, visited Russia recently after an invitation from ITMO University in St. Petersburg,

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Russia is by no means new to Moodle, although more efforts in Moodle-centered community building are welcome, in particular to keep the momentum going after 2017’s first MoodleMoot in Moscow.

In a two-part article, Cooch describes the several advantages Moodle offers to the Russian learning community. A general attitude of resourcefulness seems to bode well for schools figuring out how to set up and run Moodle installations by themselves, regardless of scale.

For her intervention, she focused on the subject of foreign language teaching. For English, also known as ESL (English as a Second Language) or ESP (English for Specific Purposes,) she shared her picks of solutions for reading, listening, speaking, and writing in Moodle, sharing only free plugins but well aware that “there are some very good paid options for language teaching with Moodle.”

The second part covers her experiences with some of the other speakers for the ITMO ESP Conference, which took place April 4-6. It featured workshops, leading experts, and networking opportunities.

Read Cooch’s travel logs, part one and part two.

Read “Our Moodle Fairy takes #FeatureFriday to Russia to show how Moodle can be used to teach English” at moodle.com.

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