A Moodle.com profile of the Dearborn School District, which serves some 21,000 K-12 students in the Greater Detroit area, describes IT leader Chris Kenniburg as a “Moodle guru,” in large part thanks to his work with “Fordson,” a free, powerful and highly customizable theme designed for a large K-12 community of students and teachers. For the upcoming Moodle 3.5, an upgrade to Boostrap 4 (the framework on which many of the modern themes are built, including the default “Boost” as well as “Fordson”) is welcome. The upgrade might enhance the capabilities of themes even further, but it also means that it will likely break some of its features.

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But fear not, Kenniburg and the Dearborn team are on the case. On a Moodle Forum discussion, he details the recent work that will ensure “Fordson” remains a flawless and dependable theme. Inevitably, the upgrade has led to a “drastic” change, which he thinks is for the better, as it has not just increased the theme’s staple features, but allowed them to add new ones from “Boost” and the “Bootstrap” framework:

  • A “Boost” layout is now available, bringing “Fordson’s” usability to Moodle’s default look and feel.
  • “Boost” presets are now compatible with “Fordson,” enabling style editing using CSS without having to modify the code of the theme.
  • Color pickers are now simpler, more uniform, and available for all elements of page design.

As usual, Kenniburg and company will continue to refine and expand “Fordson’s” capabilities, so stay tuned.

Read his update on the Moodle Forum.

Read “Dearborn Public Schools creatively uses Moodle to invest in their educators and learners” at moodle.com.

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