Lukewarm Grade To Moodle Course Overview In UX Survey
Alberto Corado

100 respondents completed Moodle HQ’s set of questions about the Moodle Course Overview block (originally named “My Course Overview”), the visualization block that became the default student dashboard since Moodle 3.3. UX leader Alberto Corado shared some of the survey’s outcomes and findings on the Moodle Forum, as well as some of the long-form interviews that followed.

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The Course Overview shows users live pie-chart icons reflecting the progress for their courses, among other visualization options. It also includes links to “next best activity” as a way to maintain momentum. It was originally envisioned by Moodler Gemma Lesterhuis, who gained support for the project in the independent Moodle Users Association’s first Project Development Cycle of 2016. Her original proposal requirements focused on the needs of students, with teachers being able to access the few features that made sense for them. The Association provided the funding, but Moodle HQ led its production and oversees its maintenance.

On the survey, 39% of the respondents stated to be “Neither satisfied or dissatisfied.” 37% said to be “satisfied” or higher (8% “very”). 16% reported to be “dissatisfied” and 8% “very dissatisfied.”

Qualitative answers from the survey and follow-up interviews show a varied range of issues, perhaps the most reoccurring being the block’s limited or inflexible functionality. Customizations that might seem basic, like the number of icons on a given page, sorting or filtering options, are often demanded. For teachers, having to take the extra step to set reminders for each compatible activity seems to be a major deterrent for broader adoption.

The survey took place online from March 2nd to May 31st. 1,375 participants started the survey. 1,275 left it unfinished. 75% admitted being regular users of the Course Overview block, and 64% described their role as manager or administrator. Lesterhuis original case scenario had a focus on students (3% of survey respondents), rather than instructors of administrators. 74% of respondents claimed to be “advanced” Moodle users and 56% managers of 26 or more courses, suggesting selection bias on the sample.

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