King Among Kings? Premium Moodle Theme ‘RemUI’ 3.4.1 Is Out

The MoodleNews World seemed ready for a bit of a civil —but still very amicable— war, when a surprisingly controversial opinion was confessed: That some of the best themes available in Moodle are Premium —that is, not free. The truth is simple: there are remarkable examples of high quality on both sides, and in general, the bill for a Premium theme is proportional to that of the personalization and support above a free one. Our coverage on Moodle themes focuses mostly on the examples available for free, which is not to say there are no paid offerings that are worth looking into.

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The “RemUI” theme fits the bill. Self-admittedly fueled by “feedback, broken sweats and broken deadlines,” the team behind it shares some of their new “worth waiting for” features:

  • Courses can now have their own “cover picture,” which can make for an interesting gallery of subjects in the course summary. The wide horizontal dimension makes it ideal for high-res images.
  • To match the tone of the cover, the text for the heading and description can be formatted. Font, color, and size can all be tweaked to ensure visibility against the cover background image or to reflect the corporate brand.
  • A handy “head to top” icon scrolls the page back to the start quickly. (Just like the orange square on the bottom left of this site!)
  • To mitigate “back button dependence,” a new “Speed menu” shows the 5 most recently accessed courses.
  • “Social login,” based on the OAuth 2 protocol, is now built-in, allowing users to join using their Facebook, Microsoft, or Google accounts.

Small enhancements on features from previous releases are also plentiful. They include, among other things, merging “My Courses” and the “Course Archive” pages, variable positions for the login box and company logo, and course short names as a search criteria. The theme is also fully compatible with Font Awesome.

Lots of technical glitches and bugs are reportedly fixed as well.

Read “RemUI 3.4.1” at

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