How Would You Build A Moodle Social Network? The Latest MoodleNet Project Updates

A series of “planning, experimenting, and testing” has been happening in Moodle HQ courtesy of MoodleNet. MoodleNet is a proposed social network for educators and learners. A series of updates on the project blog reveals a few details about the shape of the project today.

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It is challenging to gauge the odds of success of a project in its planning phase. The problem worsens if user feedback is not involved. Aware of this, managers and entrepreneurs began implementing “agile” approaches. According to them, the main focus of the early stages is learning. The metrics introduced to measure the project progress reflect that. Learning means the team’s ability to get quality feedback to plug into the process. Learning metrics have become more standardized, and their forecasting power for future success increased.

In the past month, the team focused in internal areas: Whiteboarding, Testing, and Compliance. As a result, MoodleNet currently features a list of technologies, specifications, and rules. GDPR has received special attention. MoodleNet project leader Doug Belshaw considers the body of regulation “interesting.”

The first form of interaction with the community was announced in a second update. Belshaw will lead a “Community Call” where all users will be able to see a slide deck presentation and ask him questions.

The “Community Call” is scheduled for Wednesday, April 4th, at 3:00pm GMT. (See your time here.)

To attend the call, all Moodlers have to do is follow the instructions here.

And to keep up with MoodleNet updates, follow

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