Here Are MUA’s Current Cycle Proposals. It’s Still Time To Submit Yours!
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For the first time in the short but vibrant history of the Project Development Cycle from the Moodle Users Association (MUA), anyone can follow the projects right on the Moodle Tracker, where they can stay tuned, discuss, and even contribute. Issues for projects that are not winners in the current Cycle will remain in the Tracker, either for upcoming cycles or volunteer development.

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Users looking to submit their project have until Wednesday, February 28th, at midnight GMT to do so. While the Moodle Tracker is the place for the technical details of each proposal, users must still make a formal submission on the MUA’s site, where voting takes place.

So far, five proposals have been submitted:

Extend mobile app to easily work with Moodle plugins

The Moodle mobile app allows plugins to be supported by its remote add-ons functionality. This allows third party plugin developers to allow their plugin to work in the Moodle mobile app. However, the remote add-on function is very difficult to develop and maintain, requiring the developer to learn an entire new system and distribute their work separately to their Moodle plugin.

Project manager: Mike Churchward

Assignment Double (or more)-Marking & Moderation

A proposal to enhance the existing “allocated marker” and “marking workflow” tools to support ‘n’ number of markings and a process to moderate markings into a final assignment mark.

This has been previously suggested as an MUA project (AUD100K,20210 votes, & placing 3rd.

Project manager: Michael Hughes

Add Ability to Lock Submitted Assignments after Deadline

Improve assignment settings/behavior so that students can submit multiple drafts up to an assignment deadline but not re-submit after the deadline. Moodle currently attempts to overcome this with the Require Submit Button option.

Project manager: Jeremy Hopkins, Coventry University

Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date

An option would be added to the date entry for activity open, due, and cutoff dates that would allow users to enter a date that is relative to the enrollment date or course start date. (In reference to 3.2 adding a course end date, this could also be included as a relative date).

Project manager: Emma Richardson

Additional Assignment Fields for Integration and Reporting

Improve scope for integrating and reporting on formerly graded assignments (as opposed to formative work).

Audience: Any organization wishing to improve grade export to other systems or provide students with a clearer view of summative assignments

Project manager: Jeremy Hopkins, Coventry University

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