GDPR,, Branch Interactivity, Hamburg: What’s Driving H5P Forward | H5P Avanza: Conoce las Novedades del Estándar Abierto de Contenidos Educativos Interactivos

It’s been a bust beginning of the month for the team behind the open source interactivity standard, but by the looks of it this is only the beginning for a critical year in H5P’s quest for consolidation and widespread adoption. Take a look at the latest updates from the Tromsø, Norway-based team.

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GDPR Compliance

The latest release of H5P brings new content types (Image Pairing) and bug fixes, but above all its development prioritized compliance to GDPR. Among the updates to the standard there are:

  • An amended Privacy Policy that explains how personal data is sourced, processed and stored, as well as the user’s right to request a copy or deletion on H5P site.
  • Updates to the Moodle, WordPress and Drupal plugins, enabling data “access, rectification and erasure” in accordance to GDPR.
  • Soon all H5P content will include a CC license.
  • And on the website, sharing button from Twitter and Facebook have been removed, which also means you will not get cookies from those sites when on

For Moodle, the H5P plugin has been updated to make use of the “Privacy API” which helps Moodle offer GDPR compliance (in Moodle 3.5, and 3.4.3 and 3.3.6 with the use of plugins). Admins with sites running previous versions of Moodle must delve deep into the database tables in case of personal data requests, which in H5P involve `hvp_xapi_results´, `hvp_content_user_data´, `hvp´ and `hvp_events’.

Read “New Release: A new content type, GDPR improvements and more.”

Read “GDPR compliance” at

A planned companion to, this premium offering will provide tools for designers, instructors and administrators. It will offer hosting, collaboration, easy and quick scalability, all while providing security protection (as soon as it is available) and upgrade (about 2 weeks after publicly available on The goal with is to secure additional funding for development, and an opportunity to integrate with “high-end IaaS solutions.”

Read “How will help drive H5P forward.”


Content Type: Branching Scenario

Described as probably “the biggest and most anticipated content release of 2018,” the tool will enable authors plot content sequences that take users’ choices into account. According to early mockups, it might be able to connect other content types within a linear or non-linear path; or just serve as an interactive storytelling design tool. To date no working type or demo is available other than the proof of concept built on the presentation type.

Read “Coming up from the H5P Core Team.”


H5P Workshops at OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg

Introductory, no-coding-skills-necessary, and advanced workshops will be offered in June 15th and 16th within the 2018 edition of Germany’s OERcamps. H5P is confirmed as one of OERcamp’s “cooperation partner.” Workshops will be available in German and English.

Read “H5P is cooperation partner of the #OERcamp 2018 in Hamburg!”


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