Expand Your Taste With Lewis Carr's 'Moodle Enrolment Plugins' Menu

A particularly helpful and prolific Moodler, Lewis Carr, has had the bright idea to turn 19 of the most popular enrolment methods Moodle offers into “dishes” laid out in a menu. Welcome to the “Moodle Enrolment Plugins” restaurant, where everything is free. Bon appetit!

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“Chef” Carr classifies each one into five categories: Starters, Mains, Specials, Signature Dishes, and Desserts. They should give you an idea of each category’s expected usage, how common they are among Moodle sites, and which ones are better fit for custom rather than broad case scenarios. He also adds a “spice notice” next to each item to signal the technical difficulty involved in setting them up. In any case, only two in the whole menu classify as “advanced.”

Here’s the menu in full. Download it here.


  • Manual Enrolments (Core plugin – Available in Moodle by default; Easy)
  • Self enrolments (Core; Easy)
  • Guest access (Core; Easy)


  • Cohort sync (Core; Easy)
  • Category enrolments (Core; Easy)
  • Flat file (Core; Easy)
  • Course meta link (Core; Easy)
  • Paypal (Core; Easy)
  • LDAP Enrolment (Core; Moderate)
  • External database (Core; Moderate)


  • MNet remote enrolments (Core; Advanced)
  • Publish as LTI tool (Core; Advanced)
  • IMS Enterprise File (Core; Moderate)

Signature dishes


Download the “Moodle enrolments plugins” menu, licensed with Creative Commons license CC BY-SA, here.

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