Enrolments Ahoy! Check Out The Latest Moodle Plugins To Manage Students Sign-Ons

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The following selection lets you systematically add users between systems, authenticate them and more. You will look good doing it. They all have been recently updated and are compatible with Moodle up to 3.5.

Start here: Upload enrolment methods

Speed up your own system by enrolling existing users into courses according to their previous choices. Filtering criteria such as cohorts also available.

I have been asking for this many, many years.” — Richard (July, 2018)



For just a taste: Temporary enrolments and Extended guest access

Moodle guest access can be much easier than it is at the moment. One complain I never stop hearing is the lengths a user just wanting to try something inside Moodle has to go before reaching a piece of content or activity. Extended guest access allows you to create Moodle demo sites or “catalogues” with greater depth and ease.



But sometimes it’s good to know if a guest is in fact interested in the Moodle services offered. Coupled with a careful tracking of the Moodle Logs, the Temporary enrolments plugin could help infer interest on a feature-by-feature basis, even identify usability pain points.



A Moodler abroad: SAML Identity Provider

You can use authentication services under the OAuth 2 protocol, like Google and Facebook, to handle secure sign-up and log-in. Why not flip it! This plugin makes Moodle an “identity provider” for third-party sites who, by installing SimpleSAMLphp, can make sure a user is legit if they are currently enrrolled in a Moodle site.



Microtarget’em: Enrol by user profile fields, Badge Enrolment

Use public and hidden profile user fields as enrolment criteria, even from custom fields; or awarded badges, whose functionality expanded with Moodle 3.5. One Moodle site admin has made student registration process a lot faster and more intuitive by instructing them to choose attributes for their profiles from a drop-down menu. This can be a simpler way to do it than manual enrollment.




To get a grasp after sudden internet fame: Waitlist enrolment and Custom course fields

Dependably straightforward, this plugin builds a list of interested students who unfortunately did not find a spot on their desired class. They automatically enroll as soon as new places are made available.



Literally not to be missed: Easy Enrollments

Build at the Dearborn Moodle think tank, this plugin lets users enroll and go straight to the course overview page by inputting a numeric code, or better yet, by showing a QR code to the site. Paired with the “Fordson” theme it makes it basically impossible to get lost in the Moodle forest.



Momentum learning thrust: Course completed enrolment

Take a page out of the Montessori handbook by rewarding student hard work with the opportunity to work even harder. The plugin can automatically enroll students into subsequent courses, but it can also “upgrade” their roles in a course they’ve accomplished.



Come with the flow: Auto enrolment and Badge Enrolment

It’s hard to beat the seamlessness of the Auto enrolment plugin. Visiting a course page is all it takes for Moodle to instantly enroll them.


When all else fails: User bulk enrolment

If a direct connection between two systems is not possible, there’s always a spreadsheet ready to come to the rescue. User bulk enrolment plugin enlists existing users (by email) into new courses.


Do you want your plugin, theme, Moodle site or custom development featured in MoodleNews Plugin Magazine’s Top of 2018? Contact us (TwitterFacebook) for sharing your latest work with the community.

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