Encourage Attention And Decisiveness Among Your Students With This Moodle Plugin | Instala este Complemento en Moodle y Estimula el Sentido de Alerta de tus Estudiantes

Particularly kind Moodler Daniel Neis Araujo has updated “Max Views,” a simple Moodle plugin with a high potential to influence the way students interact with any type of Moodle content or activity. The plugin now offers versions compatible with Moodle 2.8 to 3.4.

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The Max Views plugin lets teachers set a limit to the number of times a student can access a specific Moodle page. Once they have reached it, they can no longer see the content again (unless the teacher resets the view counter). Each student and each activity have independent access limits. It requires the Moodle Logs to be enabled, as it tracks the history of “access events” to determine the number of times a limited page has been viewed. (Logs are enabled by default in standard Moodle setups.)

Of course, playing with the availability of educational content in an age of “too much freedom of information” is not without its caution. Restricting time windows for task completion should be framed in a way that encourages readiness and focus. Enforcing policies too harshly or improperly communicating restrictions for course content can be detrimental to the learning experience and the learner’s perception of the teacher and subject matter.

Download and install the right version of the Max Views plugin from the official Moodle Directory.

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