Check Out Troy Patterson’s Friendly Guide To Say ‘Hi’ In Moodle

Check Out Troy Patterson’s Friendly Guide To Say ‘Hi’ In Moodle

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The world of technology is full of tradition. The experience of pretty much every programming language begins with the “Hello world!” program. It suggests the programmer has succeeded into willing the quite friendly computer program into life. Another tradition is the tutorial. For the Director of the Moodle district Dearborn Public Schools, Troy Patterson, the former seems more useful than the letter. Maybe friendship is magic, after all.

This time, Patterson decided to put aside the “very comprehensive” but just “didn’t feel right” tutorial format, and instead teach teachers make their Moodle course say “Hi.”

The results is a series of posters resembling a comic strip that narrates the origin story of the Moodle course. Using the Moodle Glossary Activity, the course will not only greet students, but invite them to say hello right back. If the teacher wishes to create more than one greeting course, Moodle gives the option to duplicate the Forum. Just keep in mind that if you clone it after anyone replies, all the greetings will be duplicated too.

Patterson is eager to get feedback in this new interesting approach, to create Moodle courses that are friendly as soon as they become “alive.” Hopefully, it will succeed and encourage Patterson and more Moodlers to design more impactful guides.

Check out the “Comic: Say ‘Hi’” by Patterson, at Stick around for his old tutorials.


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