Fordson theme is one of the most popular and free Moodle theme which is continuously improved and supported. It is one of the most loved Moodle theme based on Bootstrap 4 framework. It is among one of the top 10 most downloaded Moodle themes.
Chris Kenniburg – the developer behind this popular theme is thriving to make this theme more awesome in 2018. In one of the Moodle forum threads, Chris asked for the community feedback for upcoming features in Fordson theme. The whole community provided their comments towards the Fordson theme improvement plans.
Based on the feedback, Chris worked on the new features in the theme and released a new version of the theme. The new version of the Fordson theme is addressing many usability issues from a teacher’s perspective. There are many small features which results in saved time for teacher so that they can focus more on their real job of teaching.

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New Features in Fordson Theme:

Some of the new features introduced in the new version are:

  • New navigation options in top navbar:The new top navigation bar gives you the accessibility to Nav Drawer, Site Admin, Course Management, Student Dashboard, Course Editing Button, My Courses dropdown without scrolling on the page.
  • Disable Nav drawer – Now you can completely disable the Nav Drawer and use the top navigation bar.
  • Turn Editing On button – Now you can easily enter the editing mode without scrolling and looking for the TUrn Editing On button on your course page. Additionally, it will remember the place/course section and return to the exact place where the button was pressed.
  • Course Management and Student Dashboard will now be presented in modal boxes from anywhere in the course directly from the top nav bar.
  • 3 new block regions on Site Frontpage.
  • “Add a Block” button is now displayed as it was prior to Boost with editing mode on.
  • New color chooser for custom login form.

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I really appreciate the hard work put in by Chris in making Fordson one of the best theme for Moodle. If you wold like to add any new feature in the Fordson theme, you can take part in theme enhancement forum thread here.
You can download the latest version of the Fordson theme from this Moodle plugins directory link.
Which Moodle theme you are currently using? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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