Can Canvas LMS Buy Its Way Towards Moodle-Level Functionality? | Puede Canvas LMS Adquirir Todas Las Funciones de Moodle?

As announced last November, Instructure, the parent company of Moodle competitor Canvas LMS, has acquired Practice, a “video microlearning assessment company.” Instructure bets on encouraging users to record themselves literally practicing a skill to increase the level of “feedback and reflection learning loops.” The company was originally known as ApprenNet.

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Moodle does not offer a dedicated tool for the specific use case of video recording in skill acquisition, but this is not to say there aren’t several ways to accomplish the same functionality. In this particular case, the popular recording and live-sharing plugin, BigBlueButton (a certified Moodle Premium Integrator) comes to mind as the fittest, though not the only, way to provide video-based microlearning interventions to students.

As the deal becomes a reality, it becomes harder to think of a different exit strategy for Practice, other than its acquisition by a larger, proprietary learning platform. As the team of 22 joins the thousands at Instructure —under terms not yet disclosed at writing— questions arise about the fast-growing LMS’s efforts to match Moodle’s levels of functionality, currently the weakest part of its offering.

A press release describes Practice as a way for organizations to achieve “scalable means” for team members to receive “meaningful” and “timely” feedback, which is given by instructors on a “targeted,” student-by-student basis.

Practice’s co-founder and Chief Client Officer Emily Foote assures the existing customer base that the team will remain the same and that the product, services, and marketing will continue on their current paths.

Read the official announcement “Instructure Acquires Practice” at

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