Breaking Moodle 3.6 Delayed

The launch of Moodle 3.6 has been moved a week, from its original date of November 26. No explanation or official notice has been issued, but the date was only recently moved in the official release calendar.

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In the past, a delay in the QA stage, specifically the set pass rate, has been the main reason for postponements. At the time of writing, the usual pass rate of 80% had been accomplished, with 13 issues “Failed” or “Open” out of 576 for a 97.7% rate, making the delay all the more peculiar.

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At the moment, a “Release Candidate” version, Moodle 3.6rc1, is available for download, which is being “built often.” Approaching the new launch date, the Release Candidate will likely be updated several times during the day. IT admins interested in the final or “production” version of Moodle 3.6 are better off waiting for the new, December 3rd deadline.

In the meantime, Moodle is showcasing one of the early versions of 3.6rc1 on the official demo site at (not to be mistaken with the currently in-development MoodleNet project). This time, in addition to the common roles available on a Moodle demo site (teacher, student, admin or manager), the “Parent” and “Privacy officer” roles can be tried out. The last one alludes ad the increased features regarding data privacy, policies and management of agreements introduced in Moodle to comply with Europe’s GDPR.

Other features coming on Moodle 3.6 include enhancement on the course dashboard, messaging (which now allows groups), and hundreds of little fixes sprinkled here and there.

Get a “Development” version of Moodle 3.6rc1 here.

Wait for the “Production” version of Moodle 3.6 (the real deal) which you can download here.

Read “Try Moodle 3.6 ahead of time!” at

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