Blackboard Is All In With ‘Folder View’ Course Format For Moodle

Moodle and Moodle-based LMS enjoy a different course format, courtesy of dashing new Blackboard Open.

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Its name is Folder View. Sure enough, it bundles course content, activities and supporting resources into a unit. At this point, however, it is safe to claim the word is no longer primarily a metaphor, as most of us are more familiar with the visual concept of data organization than with the type of office supply that preceded it.

True to its modern-day understanding, Folder View organizes items for a course topic into folders. Users can expand each folder to view its contents at once, or collapse it. This way, students no longer need to follow the established sequence from more common course formats in Moodle.

The latest version of Folder View brings compatibility up to Moodle 3.4, the latest version adopted by Blackboard Open. As with many of the plugins still maintained by Blackboard, it requires the Blackboard Open LMS Framework plugin installed on the Moodle site, which extends the database, the available classes and the controllers, among other building blocks for Blackboard Open plugins.

Install or download Folder View in Moodle or Blackboard Open.

Read the documentation on Folder View at (Some parts are out of date.)

See more Modle plugins developed by Blackboard Open.

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