When A Century Old Coven Of Knowledge Opened A Virtual Campus

Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine documents the expansion of Centro Universitario Adventista de São Paulo, a religious-based institution that offers “technical, undergraduate and post-graduate” programs.

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Seventh-day Adventist beliefs spring from the Bible as the standard of Christian faith and practice, with the intent “to permeate your whole life“. Centro Universitario attempts to mesh them with “academic excellence” through a practice that is conscious about “values, justice and responsibility”.

Prospective science and technology students can feel, however, seemingly safe to consider the Centro’s offerings, as the “no room for evolution as truth” policy does not seem to be enforced, at least not in the same capacity as in other Adventist-operated schools.

Centro first implemented their virtual campus in 2005 and since then the reception and efforts have been redounded. Insights of virtual pedagogy that became principles of their offerings, as overlooked by Doutor (PhD) in economics Valcenir do Vale Costa, include:

  • The belief that virtual education is no lesser than its face-to-face counterpart.
  • Technology will not replace the teacher.
  • However, teachers must be willing to embrace technology.
  • Knowledge is built collectively, without a main knowledge authority figure.

Over 15,000 students in 300 courses take some form of virtual education with the Centro, making up for 20% of total student academic load.

Read the post at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.

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