The H5P community is global, and growing exponentially. The first H5P conference – H5P Con 2017 was recently concluded in Tromsø, Norway from 11 Sept – 13 Sept.  The 3 day conference was the best chance for the H5P community to help each other succeed with H5P, inspire each other and work on the H5P roadmap.
The 3 day first ever H5P conference was attended by more than 65 enthusiasts. During the conference the participants shared their problems and solutions & vision behind the solutions. The next H5P con 2018 will be organized in Melbourne, Australia in May 2018.
Here is the excerpt of the Keynote speech by Joubel’s CEO – Svein-Tore Griff-With:

And Here are some of the key resources as shared by the H5P team on their blog:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

H5P Con 2017 Keynote Speech


Customizing and extending H5P, for advanced users


Accessibility in H5P:


Capturing H5P data with xAPI:


H5P Project Updates:

In the last release, H5P team has focused towards the goal of delivering state of the art accessibility in interactive content. The next release of H5P will be exclusively focused on improving the accessibility.
The last few months of 2017, H5P team will focus on the upcoming branching scenario content type and the H5P Hub. 
Apart from this, H5P team will also add the ability to share and reuse content, not only content types. The team is also working upon fixing things that multiple people have reported on like – not showing content types to users who can’t use them and make it easier for organizations who can only update the H5P plugin twice per year to use the H5P Hub. 
Have you attended the first ever H5P Con 2017? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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