Are you also tired of finding your favorite activity/ resource under the Choose an activity/resource menu? Do you like to simplify & improve the current activity chooser popup window in Moodle?
Activity chooser is probably one of the most used area in Moodle by the teachers and strangely it has more than 20 items in Moodle core to choose from. Situation is more worsened when you have few more activity plugins installed on your Moodle site which will result in more number of options.
Teachers often find it very difficult to scroll down to their favorite activity/resource and it often adds to the complexity level for them. Fortunately, Rex Lorenzo from UCLA has created a Moodle tracker issue to simplify the activity chooser in Moodle. The goal of the tracker issue is to simplify the view for the end-user, without removing the option to use items on the chooser.
Rex has submitted a patch for improving the activity chooser in the tracker and the new feature can drastically reduce the number of elements that show up initially on the Activity chooser window. Check out the video demonstration below:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

I really liked the idea of having a simplified and concise activity chooser with an option to choose favorite activities. But as others suggested, in my opinion also, the idea to merge the activity and resources in a single menu should be avoided.
If you also like the new idea and would like to see it in Moodle core, then please vote for the tracker issue here –
What is your opinion about simplifying the activity chooser? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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